OlyLok Locking Impact Nail

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The OlyLok locking impact nail is designed to attach base-ply, recovery board and insulation to wood fiber/poured gypsum decks. It is available in 2 sizes 1.4-in. and 1.8-in. and is Factory Mutual and Dade County approved.

Features & Benefits

  • OlyLok's tube is precision formed from Galvanized coated steel to prevent corrosion, and shaped to easily penetrate decking and existing membranes.
  • The Galvalume disk is securely clamped to the tube, and is rib reinforced to resist cupping.
  • Its locking staple is precision formed from high tensile steel wire and coated to prevent corrosion.

Compatible With:

Multipogo Installation Tool

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Drive fastener perpendicular to roof deck seating cap flush with roofing surface. Once tube is set, drive the locking staple through the tube/disk unit into the deck until the top of the staple is flush with the cap. When locking staple is driven, its dual wire legs diverge, anchoring the fastener in place. Uplift resistance may vary depending on the density and integrity of the substrate. There are two tools that must be used to install the OlyLok.

The OlyLok Driver is for installing base sheet and recovery board to the substrate. For securing ISO or EPS to the substrate, use the OlyLok Insulation Tool, which has a larger impact area. Consult OMG for the specific driver for your application.

Ordering Information

SKU Fastener Lengths Packaging Weight
OLYLOK14 1.4" 500 25lb
OLYLOK18 1.8" 500 28lb

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