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RhinoBond Makes the Grade!

OMG RhinoBond® keeps Dublin school on programme. Saint Aiden's school in Whitehall, Dublin needed a high standard roof for its new facility such as strong performance and value. Soprema RhinoBond PVC roofing system met the requirement.

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RhinoBond® Goes to New Heights on Myrtle Beach Condos

Being left “high and dry” is not always a good thing – unless you are referring to a roof on top of a 22-story condominium building on the beach. That’s what the Renaissance Tower condominium complex was looking for when it came time to replace its deteriorating roof that was no longer in compliance with codes. A fully adhered single-ply membrane was specified to replace the roof, but the bids to install such a system all came in over budget.

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EdgeBox Gives Contractor an Edge over Wood Nailers

When Service Works of Tampa, Florida received the contract for the second phase of the reroofing job on Tampa Airport Marriott, they knew they would be facing many challenges.  For one thing, the hotel is 100 yards from incoming planes.  They would also be doing much of the work outside of balconies of occupied rooms. However, one challenge they were able to avoid was constructing new wooden nailers on the curved perimeters of the three different roof elevations, the tallest of which was eight stories high.


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RhinoBond the "King of Roofing" on Anheuser Busch Warehouse

A company known as the "King of Beers" is bound to be choosy when selecting roofing products and systems for use on their own production facilities. That's why for many of its warehouses Anheuser Busch has specified the RhinoBond roofing system featuring a Sarnafil® brand PVC membrane. This system is proven to provide energy savings, wind uplift resistance, and longevity. This roof's for you!

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OMG’s PowerGrip Provides a Secure Connection for Solar Racks

When the roof on the Raley’s Distribution Center in Sacramento was replaced so that a one megawatt Canadian Solar mounted solar photovoltaic system could be installed, Genmounts Solar Racking Systems of Flemington, New Jersey paid special attention when selecting the roof mount system.

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Hercules RetroDrains Keep America’s Central Port High and Dry

On April 28, 2012, two super cell thunderstorms brought large hail and damaging winds to the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. One location that suffered a great deal of damage from the storms was America’s Central Port in nearby Granite City, Illinois. Considered to be a hub of the nation’s transportation infrastructure with access to rail, river and road transportation, the Port had numerous buildings on its 1,200 acre, multi-use facility that were damaged from the softball sized hail, including four warehouses.

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