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Temporary Seal Adhesive

NightShot is a fast acting, two-component, polyurethane foam designed to form a temporary seal between new roof covers and existing asphalt roof systems. NightShot is dispensed through a portable 1:1 applicator and seals all types of new roofing systems, including TPO, EPDM, PVC, Built-up and Modified Bitumen.  NightShot is not a substitute for fasteners and will not resist wind uplift forces.  The membrane must be held in place with temporary ballast.

  • Each case contains 4 – 1,500 ml cartridges.
  • Each case provides 300-400 linear feet of tie-in.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast. Safe., Easy.
  • Low-rise polyurethane foam forms a temporary seal between new roof covers and existing roof systems.
  • Temporarily seals TPO, EPDM, and PVC to Built-up and Modified Bitumen roof systems.
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NightShot is applied in a single band where the old roof surface meets the new roof system. The NightShot must be allowed to rise prior to pressing the new roof membrane into the foam.  Care must be taken to insure that the new membrane is in full contact with the NightShot and that there are no voids or fishmouths along the edge of the membrane.  Contaminated membrane and NightShot must be cut away prior to continuing with the application of the new roof.  NightShot must be kept at room temperature and must not be applied when the deck temperature is below 40 degreees F.  Roof surface must be clean, dry, and free of all loose gravel and dirt.

Ordering Information

SKU Packaging Packaging Size Version Weight
OBNSHOT Each 1,500 ml cartridge set NSHOT 18lb

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