SpotShot Cordless Power Applicator

Application tool designed for the application of OlyBond500® insulation adhesive


OMG Roofing Products not only provides the industry's most popular insulation adhesive we also supply a large selection of innovative application tools. All of our equipment is designed for the application of OlyBond500® insulation adhesive and is not compatible with other manufacturers adhesives.

Features & Benefits

  • New stand-up power applicator comes fully assembled and with heavy duty carrying case.
  • Includes 2 18 volt Lithium Ion batteries (LIB) and a 110 volt charger.
  • Includes integrated battery charge indicator gauge, and can be charged in 30 minutes, 50% faster!
  • Easy to operate!
  • Now also available for small areas and repair work, are non-powered hand applicators (stand-up and short versions)


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OlyBond500® SpotShot is dispensed through the cordless applicator in bands applied 12” on center. A controlled chemical reaction causes the OlyBond500 SpotShot to rise 3/4" - 1" above the substrate, and then the board stock is placed into the adhesive. The chemical cure takes place approximately 10-15 minutes after dispensing, depending on temperature and weather conditions. SpotShot is FM and Miami Dade County Approved.

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