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See who is new and what is new! We have expanded our website globally to support our markets. Read about Gregory Lord's promotion to Regional Manager. See the custom made "first" PaceCart 3 presented to Olsson Roofing. And, check out RhinoBondResources.com for all your RhinoBond needs from wherever you are on any device you are using!

OMG is promoting. OMG is expanding. Read about the new warehouses opened in Rotterdam and Shanghai to accommodate the European and Asian markets. Watch the video tour of the new PaceCart 3 and read about the latest projects where OMG Roofing Products helped to get the projects done effectively and on time.

Meet who Is new and who to call, get information on OMG EdgeSystems and the Express Edge program shipping out TerminEdge fascia to you within 24 hours, check out the new PaceCart and discover RhinoBondResources.com, your new one-stop for maintaining your RhinoBond tool!

Meet who Is new and who to call, get information on the fastest installed SpeedTite Drain, check out new videos and find out where we will be this month.

Have you seen the newest OMG Tubos? While the body of the Tubos unit remains white, the integral 6-inch long splice sleeve that is inserted into the existing vent pipe and not visible when installed is now red for easy identification. Tubos units are designed to extend vent stacks on commercial roofs.

OlyBlok™ is an engineered metal roof edge built to last. It is the ideal replacement for existing decaying wood nailers. Bugs, water and poor quality lumber can turn a once beautiful roof edge into a dirty, rotten mess.
Before sending your crew out to pick up more lumber that won’t be straight and will ultimately be subject to decay, consider OMG OlyBlok. OlyBlok will not deteriorate or rot and installs much faster than dimensional lumber.

Superior productivity. Superior performance.