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Vent Pipe Extensions

OMG Tubos are prefabricated plumbing vent pipe extensions and the fastest, strongest, and most cost effective method for extending plumbing vent pipes during reroofing operations. They are made with an integral six-inch long joint splice sleeve insert at each end, allowing for one OMG Tubos unit to be cut and used to extend two vent stacks!


Features & Benefits

  • Just three easy steps: measure, cut length, seal in place with caulk. Meets Code!
  • Three sizes (2-, 3-. 4-inch), are compatible with both cast iron and PVC vent pipes and accomodates the majoritity of vent pipes.
  • Turns a complicated 15- to 30-minute job using alternative methods into simple 3- to 5-minute project.
  • Properly installed OMG Tubos will not leak.
  • Easy to install with common tools (tape measure, saw, caulk and caulk gun).
  • Labor saving and economical compared to alternate methods.
  • Each 28-inch unit allows for up to two vent pipe extensions!


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Simple Three-Step Process:

  1. Insert the OMG Tubos into the existing vent pipe.
  2. Measure and cut the Tubos to the correct height (check local plumbing code requirements).
  3. Lift the OMG Tubos and apply caulk around the top lip of insert sleeve to keep the methane gas in, then flash as normal.

That's it - you've just turned a complicated 15- to 30-minute job using alternative methods into a simple 3- to 5-minute project, and you have another OMG Tubos in hand for the next vent stack. It's fast, efficient, economical, and does not require any special tools.

Ordering Information

SKU Diameter Length Weight Per Box (lbs.) Qty per Box OMG SKU Weight
TUBOS2 2" 28" 46 18 TUBOS2 46lb
TUBOS3 3" 28" 48 12 TUBOS3 48lb
TUBOS4 4" 28" 48 9 TUBOS4 48lb

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