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Published on Fri, 06/23/2023 - 11:18

It’s National Safety Month and it’s important to recognize how ergonomic productivity tools can not only increase efficiency, but also improve overall well-being of your crews. What if you didn’t need someone bending and staging plates around the roof? What if they could stop bending over to drive screws through those plates?

What if you could limit the amount of screws that your crew had to drive? If you can accomplish any one of these, you’ll improve the overall well-being of your crew. If you can accomplish all three, you’ll have the most efficient roof system installed for your customer, and a healthier crew.

Reducing Overexertion with AccuTrac® EZ

Bending and driving, bending and driving – long days of driving screws across the roof can slow your crew down. National Safety Council reports overexertion as the #2 cause for injury leading to missed work – Read more HERE.

Reducing Overexertion with Accutrac EZ

To take the strain off your crew while installing mechanically attached systems, OMG Roofing Products offers the AccuTrac EZ Fastening System. This tool feeds plates automatically as the installer drives down with the screwgun – eliminating the need to bend over.

Reducing Overexertion with Accutrac EZ

Working Comfortably with RhinoBond®

If you’ve invested in the RhinoBond system, you understand the benefits of 50% fewer fasteners and 30% fewer seams. Have you seen the benefits of RhinoTrac® EZ? Similar to AccuTrac EZ, but designed for RhinoBond plates this system can further reduce bending over on the roof.

Check out how the full RhinoBond System can work together with RhinoTrac EZ and RhinoBond HERE.

Working Comfortably with RhinoBond®

New to the RhinoBond system? Read our case studies with other commercial roofers and see how the RhinoBond system worked for them HERE.

Stand Tall, Keep Moving Forward

Stand Tall, Keep Moving Forward

As we celebrate National Safety Month, it's crucial to acknowledge the significant impact that ergonomic productivity tools can have on both efficiency and the well-being of roofing crews.

Crews no longer have to bend over to space out and place insulation plates. You can reallocate that labor to other parts of the roof while your installers move more efficiently with the AccuTrac EZ and RhinoTrac EZ systems.

Again, if you've already embraced PVC and TPO roofing tools like the RhinoBond system with its advantages of 50% fewer fasteners and 30% fewer seams, it's time to discover the benefits of RhinoTrac EZ. Specifically designed for RhinoBond plates, this system significantly reduces the need to bend over on the roof.

To keep moving forward with your crews, and see full potential of these tools, reach out to your local OMG representative or find yours HERE.

Keep moving forward with your crews REACH OUT TO AN OMG REPRESENTATIVE