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Published on Tue, 01/09/2024 - 14:33

The start of the new year is the perfect occasion to reflect on what can be improved in the coming months—and in the commercial roofing industry, at least, this is an easy one. Now is the time to learn more about the benefits of induction welding roofing systems.

You’ve most likely already heard of induction welding roofing, as this system has been steadily growing in popularity. Keep reading to find out how they solve the challenges of traditional commercial roofing, and see why architects, specifiers, and contractors are now choosing induction welding roofing systems like OMG’s RhinoBond.

RhinoBond Rooftop

The Challenges of Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems

Single-ply commercial roof systems have traditionally been installed with mechanically attached plates.

This installation process is straightforward and cost-effective. Mechanically attached roofs offer good performance, although they are not the best option when wind resistance and durability are of major concern.

However, even mechanically attached roofs that have been perfectly installed will have some drawbacks. Because they must pierce the membrane, the mechanical fasteners may reduce the membrane’s waterproofing capabilities.

In addition, most mechanically attached roofs are susceptible to wind flutter. Because the membrane moves freely between seams, it can be lifted by the wind. At best, this creates noise in the building’s upper floors; at worst, it can compromise the stability of the fasteners—leading to an increased risk of leaks, higher maintenance costs, and reduced lifespan of the roofing materials.

RhinoBond Rooftop

The Solution: RhinoBond Induction Welding Roofing

OMG Roofing developed the RhinoBond system as an alternative to—and improvement upon—traditional mechanically attached roofs for commercial structures. Featuring OptiWeld electromagnetic induction welding technology, RhinoBond secures the membrane and insulation without penetrations. The RhinoBond tool welds each plate to the underside of the membrane without the application of direct heat.

This Factory Mutual-approved system is quickly gaining popularity in new commercial installations as well as re-roofs, and metal roof retrofits. The advantages are clear:

·         Streamlined installation with reduced fasteners and plates, fewer seams, and elimination of half-sheets, allowing for better productivity.

·         Stronger bonding than traditional mechanical attachment systems.

·         No entry points for moisture because the fasteners do not penetrate the membrane.

·         Reduced wind flutter thanks to a more even distribution of the uplift load.

RhinoBond Rooftop

Ready to make the switch? You’re in good company. RhinoBond has already been used in thousands of commercial roofing projects around the globe. Now it’s your turn to maximize productivity and ensure better roof performance by learning about the RhinoBond system, straight from the pros.

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