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June 15, 2021

SpeedTite Drains are the most advanced roof drains in the industry. They outperform competitors and rivals many new construction drains. Most important, SpeedTite Drains comply with Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and International Plumbing Code (IPC) requirements. Flow-performance is crucial to the product, but there is also a key added benefit that directly affects contractors: they are extremely fast and simple to install! Roofers do not need any special tools to plumb the SpeedTite Drains, which can save time and labor on the roof. For SpeedTite installation, there are some guidelines we recommend to help ensure a proper fit.

Job Preparation

Prior to installing a SpeedTite Drain, there are a few preparation steps that we recommend for a smooth installation:

  • Remove existing strainer dome and clamping ring.
  • Remove existing drain components.
  • Remove all debris or constricting materials in existing drainpipe that will interfere with the drain stem or flange installation.
  • Use a wire brush to clean the interior drain leader around seal. The goal is to get this as clean as possible for 100% contact.

Step 1

Examine the existing water leader making sure there are no elbows that will prevent the drain stem from being fully inserted into the pipe. Insert assembled drain into existing leader pipe until the flange lies flush on roof membrane.

Step 2

Tighten wing nut until hand tight. The drain is correctly installed when the drain body cannot be lifted or moved vertically from the drain leader.

Step 3

Secure the drain flange to the roof deck/nailer using a minimum of three pan-head fasteners, evenly spaced around the flange. The flashing membrane must cover and extend past the fastener heads, to prevent water from getting under the drain and into the roofing assembly.

Note: Flashing membrane must be installed per roof membrane manufacturer’s detail.

Tip: Use the interior of the clamping ring as a template for cutting a hole in the membrane for the drain. When complete, the membrane should cover the flange, leaving a hole in the center for the drain, and the clamping ring studs extended through the membrane.

SpeedTite Drain Installation: Clamping Ring Model

Step 4

Place clamping ring over metal studs and the flashing membrane. Install the stainless steel nut and lock washers and tighten the clamping ring against membrane flashing until secure.

Step 5

Install strainer dome by aligning the screw holes with the clamping ring holes, and secure in place with screws provided.

SpeedTite Drain Installation: Coated Model

Step 4

Hot air weld the flashing membrane to the drain flange and the field membrane, and cut a hole in the center for drainage.

Step 5

Install strainer dome into retaining clips, then insert nylon push-in fastener into the appropriate height hole in each of the three retaining clips.

For additional drain installation tips, view our instructions and manuals and contact us for any questions you have for your next roofing project.