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November 30, 2021
Winter is coming—and it’s as important as ever to maximize your crews’ productivity.

Do you have an OMG Roofing Products PaceCart? Maybe a PaceCart2 or you’ve recently upgraded to our newest addition—the PaceCart3?

If so, now’s the time to ensure your PaceCart is in good working order by reaching out to your local OMG Roofing Products Territory Manager. Our best-in-class sales and service team will ensure your PaceCart is working properly to help keep your crews busy by eliminating downtime during the cold winter months.

The PaceCart3 is designed exclusively for use with OlyBond500 roofing adhesives, and with it, you can apply up to 120 squares of insulation or cover board per hour!

If you’re in for some cold weather, check out another recent blog post highlighting the other great OlyBond Adhesive options you have for cold weather from OMG Roofing Products.

If you haven’t invested in a PaceCart3 yet, now’s the time! This great tool features:

  • Robust pumps for great reliability
  • Easy-to-read voltage meter so you know you’re getting the most from your cart
  • Patented dispensing system to help you achieve maximum productivity
  • Color coded trays to help eliminate cross-contamination
  • Built-in generator shelf
  • Ergonomic manifold design to reduce fatigue
  • 30-foot application hose provides maximum reach and maneuverability
  • Easy-to-load, easy-to-connect, simple-to-use

When it’s time to store your PaceCart3, be sure to use OMG’s exclusive PCPreserver, a non-hazardous flush oil for long-term storage product of patented PaceCart dispensing equipment. PC Preserver is specially formulated to flush OlyBond500 adhesive residue from PaceCarts as well as keep PaceCart pumps, hoses, and the gun assembly sufficiently lubricated during periods of extended storage.

Once you’ve invested in this incredible time-saving tool, increase your crews’ productivity even more with the OlyBond500 15 Gallon PaceCart Conversion Kit! This easy-to-install kit provides contractors with a more economical option than purchasing other new equipment or retro-kits.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help optimize your team.