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Published on Di., 05.10.2021 - 12:44

As colder weather approaches, remember that you can apply OlyBond500 year-round with our temperature optimized roofing adhesive options!  Winter Grade OlyBond500 is available in 1,500 ml SpotShot cartridges, 5-gallon Bag-in-Box packaging, as well as in 15-gallon drums. This means that during the coldest winter months, contractors have a choice between OlyBond500 cartridges, bag-in-box, or drums for installing insulation.

Please note, regardless of which OlyBond500 Adhesive you prefer, you must take a few precautions to ensure that the OlyBond will perform as intended, particularly as it pertains to storage, application, and dispensing temperatures.

OlyBond Options Based on the Ambient and Deck Temperatures

image of temperature range for olybond500 wintergrade

Temperature ranges presented in °F 


OlyBond Storage and Dispensing Guidelines

OlyBond Product Storage Temperature Range Minimum Product Temperature for Dispensing
All OlyBond500 Products 60° - 85°F (15.5° - 29.4°C) 70°F (21°C)


Guidelines for using OlyBond Canisters during cold weather:

  • During colder weather, it is extremely important to remember the temperature sensitivity of the canister adhesive. Applying the adhesive in temperature ranges other than what is outlined here may impact the performance of the product.
  • OlyBond Canisters stored below 70°F (21°C) will lose pressure which will negatively affect coverage rates. If this happens, store the product for several days at the specified temperature to increase product temperature and to re-build canister pressure.
  • When applying OlyBond from Canisters in ambient temperatures between 40° - 70°F, it is highly recommended to use heater wraps (SKU: OB500PT-WRAP), or an insulated box with a mild heat source to keep the adhesive above 70°F for dispensing.

Guidelines for using winter grade OlyBond500 and OMG PaceCarts during cold weather:

  • Whenever possible, use PaceCart3 for winter applications due to its heavier-duty pumps and motor.
  • If you are storing adhesives on the roof, use a hotbox or other means to achieve proper storage temperatures.
  • If temperatures are between 25° - 65°F while dispensing winter grade OlyBond Bag-in-Box, install insulated blankets around the adhesive packaging and PaceCart to keep OlyBond500 Adhesives at 70°F while dispensing. All PaceCart3s are designed to accommodate a portable generator, so you can always consider using heated blankets too.
  • Insulate or use heat sleeves on PaceCart hoses to prevent excessive heat loss while applying OlyBond adhesives as well as during storage.

Guidelines for using winter grade OlyBond500 in 15 Gallon Drums during cold weather:

  • If you are storing adhesives on the roof, use a hotbox or other means to achieve proper storage temperatures.
  • Keep OlyBond500 Adhesives near room temperature while dispensing.

Below is an updated SKU chart with all OlyBond500 Adhesives to assist with ordering.

Item # Description Installation Temp Range
Regular Grade
OB500SS-R OlyBond500 SpotShot Canister Set 40°F and rising
OB5001-BAG OlyBond500 Bag-in-Box Part 1 40°F and rising
OB5002-BAG OlyBond500 Bag-in-Box Part 2 40°F and rising
OB5001-TANK OlyBond500 Canister Part 1 40°F and rising
OB5002-TANK OlyBond500 Canister Part 2 40°F and rising
Winter Grade
OB500SS-W65 OlyBond500 SpotShot Cartridge Set 0°F - 65°F
OB5001-WBAG OlyBond500 Bag-in-Box Part 1 25°F - 65°F
OB5002-WBAG OlyBond500 Bag-in-Box Part 2 25°F - 65°F
OB500W-15A OlyBond500 15 Gal. Drum Part 1 25°F - 65°F
OB500W-15B OlyBond500 15 Gal. Drum Part 2 25°F - 65°F

With all these options, you’re sure to find an OlyBond500 Adhesive for your winter work.

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