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PATENT NOTICE: The OMG RhinoBond® Electromagnetic Induction Tool is covered by U.S. Patent No. 8,492,683.

Please note that these calculations are based on U.S. measurements and roofing practices, and may not be sufficient or applicable for use outside of North America.

Roof Parameters

Length (ft) Specified Perimeter Width (ft)
Width (ft) Wind Rating
FM 1-60 FM 1-90 FM 1-120
TOTAL sq.ft.

Membrane Parameters

  Seam Overlap (in.) Full Sheet Width (ft.) Half Sheet Width (ft.) Sheet Length (ft.)
Mechanically Attached

Materials Summary

Mechanically Attached RhinoBond    
Insulation Plates  
Insulation Fasteners  
Seam Plates  
Seam Fasteners  
Half Sheet (sq/ft)
Full Sheet (sq/ft)
      Estimated RhinoBond Material Savings*
TOTAL Fasteners Saved (A+B)
Seam Length Saved (ft)
Membrane Saved (sq/ft)

*The information presented is an estimate based on the project input provided. Actual material savings may vary based on specific rooftop conditions.
**Not applicable for the RhinoBond system