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Published on Mon, 09/12/2022 - 10:22

What are the benefits of OMG PipeGuard® compared to wood block supports?

We often see wood blocks on roofs supporting small rooftop pipes and conduit. When we ask the roofer about using wood blocks, the answer is always “because it’s cheaper.”  But is it really?

When you consider the time and labor it takes to send a crew member to pick-up lumber and pipe clamps, bring it to the shop and cut it to length, take it to the jobsite and get it on the roof, the cost is likely higher than you originally thought, particularly now since lumber prices have nearly doubled!

The reasons to use PipeGuard Pipe Supports rather than wood blocks have always been clear to us: better rooftop productivity for your crew, and better system performance for your customers.

Rubber and recycled plastic PipeGuard Pipe Supports will not deteriorate like wood blocks. The triangular shape is designed to shed water and the wide rubber base helps minimize movement from expansion and contraction.

Look at the difference:

image of pipeguard vs wood block


In addition, the installation process is fast and simple! Just squeeze the base to ‘open’ the pipe clamp, slide clamp over the pipe and swivel the unit into place on the roof. There are no fasteners, pipe clamps, or screws and nothing to rot on the roof or damage the roof cover.

Click the image below to watch much faster OMG PipeGuards can be installed vs. wood blocks.

OMG PipeGuard Head-to-Head Video

Wood Blocks Deteriorate

image of roof deterioration

Over time and exposure to UV and the elements, woodeven pressure treatedcan rot and deteriorate on the roof. Splinters, sharp metal clamps and the screws used in the wood block support can damage the roof cover.

Once the wood block deteriorates, the pipe is no longer supported and will move around freely on the roof due to the building’s thermal expansion and contraction. Any splinters, screws or clamps in its path can be pushed into and puncture the roof cover, causing a leak. 

Wood Blocks Move with the Roof

image of pipe moving from wood block

In addition, if the clamps on a wood block are installed too tightly, the wood block itself will also move around due to expansion and contraction. Any debris on the roof, such as dirt, pebbles, etc., can be ‘ground’ into the membrane by the moving wood block, also resulting in a potential roof leak.

The bottom line: OMG PipeGuard Pipe Supports are inexpensive alternatives to wood blocks, and provide not only a better-looking roof, but also a better performing roof.

Learn more about PipeGuard and the variety of sizes and options we offer or contact us for any custom pipe support solutions.

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