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GypTec Polymer Fastener

The OMG Polymer GypTec™ is a high-strength, glass-filled nylon auger fastener with a 25 mm head designed to secure insulation and single-ply membrane to gypsum and cementitious wood fiber (i.e., Insulrock, Permadeck, Tectum®, etc.).

The fastener is used with 75 mm GypTec plates for insulation attachment and 50 mm GypTec plates for membrane attachment. Available in lengths from 60 mm to 305 mm.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for increased pullout resistance and shear strength.
  • Made from glass-filled nylon, which eliminates corrosion and thermal bridging
  • Non-penetrating design. Fastener threads into the deck but not through.
  • Plate design locks onto the head of the GypTec fastener
Product Use

Product Use

OMG GypTec Polymer fasteners can be installed into some cementitious wood fiber decks without predrilling. A pilot hole is required for gypsum. Use a 11 mm, 13 mm or 14 mm drill bit as determined by pullout test results. Pilot holes must be a minimum of 13 mm deeper than embedment. GypTec Polymer fasteners should be installed using a heavy duty variable speed screw gun.

Installation at a low rpm is recommended. Minimum fastener embedment into the deck is 13 mm. The GypTec Polymer fastener should never penetrate the underside of the deck.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Thread Diameter:   17.1 mm (.675-in.)
Head Diameter:   25.4 mm (1-in.)
Material:   Glass-filled nylon
Plate Material:   Galvalume coated steel

Packaging Info

Packaging Info


Cat. No. Packaging Quantity Weight (lbs)
SPGYPTEC2 1000 30
SPGYPTEC3 1000 46


Cat. No. Length (mm) Packaging Quantity Weight (Kg)
GYPTEC025 60 500 5.90
GYPTEC030 75 500 7.26
GYPTEC040 100 500 9.08
GYPTEC050 125 500 9.99
GYPTEC060 150 500 11.80
GYPTEC070 175 500 13.62
GYPTEC080 200 250 18.16
GYPTEC090 230 250 18.16
GYPTEC100 255 250 19.07


Cat. No. Description Size (mm) Packaging Quantity Weight (Kg)
SPGYPTEC2 50 mm Galvalume Plate Barbed 50 1000/box 13.62
SPGYPTEC75 75 mm Galvalume Plate 75 1000/box 20.43