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Concrete Fasteners

The OMG CD-10 is a hammer-in, non-threaded fastener with a split bulb design that exerts pressure on hole walls for superior strength and old power. Available in lengths between 50 mm and 305 mm.

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CE Approval
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Diamond points allow easier installation and less chance of hole damage.
  • CD-10 are the strongest hammer-in fasteners available with typical pullout values in cured concrete (3000 psi) are over 800 lbs.
Product Use

Product Use

Pre-drill a pilot hole and install fastener with a short handle sledge hammer. Please note, pull-out values differ significantly depending on the type, quality and age of the concrete. OMG strongly recommends conducting several pull tests on-site with various pilot holes (typically 5.5 mm) using a carbide tip SDS or straight shank drill bit to determine an acceptable performance level.

For structural concrete decks, 25 mm embedment is the minimum allowable. The pilot hole should be at least 13 mm deeper than the fastener embedment.

Note: Care must be taken not to overdrive the fastener which can cause subsequent damage to the insulation facer.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Head Diameter: 11 mm (.435-in.)

Head Style: Flat Top Pan

Coating: OMG CR-10 corrosion resistant coating passes the corrosion requirements of FM Approval Standard 4470 and EAD 030351-00-0402.

Packaging Info

Packaging Info

Cat. No. Length (mm) Packaging Quantity Weight (Kg)
CF50B 50 1000 11.35
CF65B 65 1000 13.62
CF75B 75 1000 15.89
CF90B 90 1000 18.61
CF100B 100 1000 20.43
CF115B 115 500 11.35
CF125B 125 500 12.71
CF140B 140 500 14.07
CF150B 150 500 14.98
CF175B 175 500 17.25
CF200B 200 500 19.98
CF230B 230 500 22.25
CF255B 255 500 24.97
CF280B 280 500 28.15
CF305B 305 500 29.51