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RhinoBond® Plates

OMG RhinoBond Plates are designed to secure roof insulation and thermoplastic roof membranes to steel, wood or timber roof decks with the appropriate OMG fastener. 80 mm round RhinoBond plates have a recessed center and a raised flat bonding surface.

TPO: RhinoBond Plates for TPO membranes are gold.
PVC: RhinoBond Plates for PVC membranes are black.

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CE Approval
MDC Approved
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • RhinoBond is Factory Mutual approved and offered by most roofing system manufacturers.
  • RhinoBond Plates meet FM 4470 criteria for corrosion resistance.
  • Provided in weather-resistant packaging for easy handling.
Product Use

Product Use

RhinoBond is a proprietary roof attachment system approved for use by select roofing manufacturers. The system requires the use of RhinoBond Plates and OMG manufactured fasteners, as well as a RhinoBond welding tool.

RhinoBond is compatible with mineral wool, polyisocyanurate and hard cover boards. When using induction welding directly over XPS and EPS, use a minimum 6 mm cover board or place a 102 mm cardboard disc under each plate to protect the insulation from melting. On foil faced insulation, the recommended minimum cover board is 38 mm.

RhinoBond Plates are installed using OMG RoofGrip 5.5 mm, Universal 6.0 mm, Heavy Duty 6.3 mm, Extra Heavy Duty 6.7 mm, and RetroDriller fasteners.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Plate Material: Galvalume® coated steel