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Batten Bars

OMG Batten Bars are designed to secure single-ply membrane to steel, wood, concrete, gypsum, and cementitious decks.

OMG Batten Bars are made of corrosion-free modified polymer.

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FM Approved
CE Approval
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-punched for enhanced speed of installation.
  • Can be ordered with special hole spacing to meet your application needs.
  • Polymer Batten Bar is FM approved.
Product Use

Product Use

Designed to secure single-ply membrane to steel, wood and concrete, gypsum, and other cementitious decks. (Material varies by bar type, check full data sheet for more information.)

Polymer batten bars are packaged in 250-ft. (76.25 m) coils and supplied in a "pizza" style box.

Packaging Info

Packaging Info

Cat. No. Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Hole (mm) Spacing (off center) (mm) Weight (mm)
6817910 19 1.2 6 75 3.63
6341910 25 1.2 6 75 4.54