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Hercules® Roof Drain

Hercules RetroDrains, the industry’s most popular retrofit drain, are available in 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm sizes and with a variety of options to support any project, including OMG’s exclusive Vortex Breaker Strainer Dome, which can increase flow by up to 2.5 times (see Hercules-Plus).

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Saves time and money by allowing easy installation from the rooftop without disturbing occupants.
  • Cast aluminum strainer dome and clamping ring that will not rust for long term durability and performance.
  • U-Flow Seals exceed the ANSI/SPRI RD1 standard for a secure, watertight connection.
Product Use

Product Use

Hercules RetroDrains are designed to replace existing new construction drains in re-roofing applications. Installed from the roof surface, Hercules RetroDrains are engineered to be installed without removing the existing drain fixture. Hercules RetroDrains have a mechanical seal for direct connection to existing PVC or cast iron plumbing.

As with all building materials, it is the responsibility of the installer to review product use with a design professional to confirm safety, compatibility and acceptance with the roof cover manufacturer and local building codes.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Drain Body: 3.2 mm (0.125-in.) spun aluminum
Seal: Watertight U-Flow mechanical seal (requires U-Flow screwdriver for installation)
Flange: 445 mm (17.5-in.) diameter with sump area.
Strainer Dome: Cast aluminum or aluminum SuperDome
Stem: 305 mm (12-in.) length
Clamp Ring: Flat aluminum


BS EN1253-3-2015


Packaging Info

Packaging Info

Aluminum Hercules

Cat. No. Description Size (mm) Packaging Quantity Dimensional Weight (Kg)
HDAL3A-FCR Aluminum Herc. w/ Clamping Ring 75 Each 12.2
HDAL4A-FCR Aluminum Herc. w/ Clamping Ring 100 Each 12.2
HDAL6A-FCR Aluminum Herc. w/ Clamping Ring 150 Each 12.2