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U-Flow Seals and Screwdriver

OMG U-Flow Seals are mechanical compression seals used on all Hercules Retrofit Roof Drains in 80 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm sizes.

U-Flow Screwdrivers are used to install U-Flow Seals. The long 317.5 mm shaft ensures ease of reach when tightening the U-Flow Seal connection screws, and all U-Flow screwdrivers come with a loss prevention bar.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • U-Flow Seals exceed the ANSI/SPRI RD1 standard for back flow prevention.
Product Use

Product Use

OlyFlow RetroDrains are designed to replace existing drains in re-roofing applications. U-Flow seals help to provide a watertight connection to the existing drain leader.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Due to manufacturing variances and jobsite inconsistencies, these figures are to be used as a guideline and are not a guaranteed fit in “tight” situations.
Drain Size O.D. of Pre-Expanded Seal (in) Fit Into Pipe I.D. (in) Fully Expanded (in)
3-in. 2.86 2.88 3.40
4-in. 3.74 3.76 4.40
5-in. 4.73 4.75 5.40
6-in. 5.75 5.77 6.40
Packaging Info

Packaging Info

Cat. No. Size (in) Packaging Quantity Weight (lbs)
UF3 3 1 1
UF4 4 1 1
UF5 5 1 1
UG6 6 1 1