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OMG Roofing Products offers PowerGrip roof mounts in two configurations for virtually every roof application. All are installed without the need to cut open or ‘core’ the roof.

  • PowerGrip Universal 7 can be used on any type of commercial roof.  PGU-7s have superb strength to resist tensile (uplift), shear and compressive forces. In addition, it’s designed with a redundant water blocking system for long term performance.
  • PowerGrip Universal 11 has all the qualities of the Universal 7, with even more strength.
Test Universal 7 Universal 11
Tensile 2,051 lbf. (9.1 kN) 3,343 lbf. (14.9 kN)
Shear 1,581 lbf. (7.0 kN) 2,537 lbf. (11.3 kN)
Compressive 2,214 lbf. (9.8 kN) 2,749 lbf. (12.2 kN)
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Image of PowerGrip Universal 11 PowerGrip Universal 11
PowerGrip™ Universal 11 (PGU-11) is one of the strongest anchors available for securing solar racks and other equipment to any type of commercial roofing system.
image of PowerGrip Universal 7 PowerGrip Universal 7
PowerGrip Universal 7 (PGU-7) are a smaller version of our PGU-11 roof anchor.  PGU-7s provide a secure connection directly to the roof deck.

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Why OMG Roofing Products?

For 40 years, OMG Roofing Products has been the leading supplier of fasteners and other products used exclusively in commercial roofing applications. We work with many roof system manufacturers, and our field sales representatives are on commercial roofs every day. In short, we know all about commercial roofing, what works, what does not, and the best ways to secure products—including solar racking systems—to flat roofs. It’s what we do