What does OMG stand for?

OMG was founded in 1981 as Olympic Fasteners and Olympic Manufacturing Group.  As the company grew in size, it developed a need for a name independent of the Olympic Games, and in 2005 officially became known as OMG Roofing Products and OMG, Inc.

I am interested in becoming a vendor for OMG. Who should I contact?

You can email us at purchasing@olyfast.com with:

  • Your company name
  • Address
  • Phone number

Please also include detailed information about the product/service your company provides. 

All OMG suppliers must agree to our Purchase Order – General Terms & Conditions before doing business. Please click here to print a copy.

How do I apply for employment with OMG?

Please visit the Opportunities page, and follow the instructions to submit your resume online.

Why can't I find fastening patterns on your site?

Fastening patterns are different for each roofing system we manufacture for.  Therefore, reference the membrane manufacturer for proper fastening patterns.

Are your products approved for use in Dade County?

Yes, our products are approved for use in Dade County.  Our NOA's are available on the Miami Dade website.  Our products are also listed in many roof cover manufacturers NOA's.

Where can I find your products available for purchase?

Our products are available nationwide.  Please call 800-633-3800 or click on the link FIND A DISTRIBUTOR found at the top of our website. Enter your zip code and you will be provided with a list of locations near you that stock OMG Roofing Products.

I need a shorter drain stem on the Hercules RetroDrain. What can I do?

The UFlow Hercules RetroDrain can be shortened by the contractor by cutting down the drain stem.  A minimum of 2 1/2" must remain to accommodate the UFlow seal. 

What substrates are approved for use with OlyBond?

OlyBond securely adheres to:

  • Poured in place structural concrete
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Treated plywood (5/8" min. thickness)
  • Smooth BUR
  • Steel-22 gauge or lower with approved cross section
  • Existing sprayed in place polyurethane foam
  • Cementitious wood fiber plank
  • Base sheets
  • Insulating concrete
  • Gypsum 

Click here for more information on the product specifications of OlyBond.

What is CR-10 coating?

CR-10 corrosion resistant coating is engineered exclusively by OMG.  CR-10 coating protects against rust and exceeds the rigorous ASTM B-117 5% salt spray corrosion and DIN 50018 acid rain tests by offering protection over 120 hours salt spray and 30 cycles Kesternich.  This environmentally safe coating contains no heavy metals. More information on these terms.

Do you translate any of your literature or product instructions into Spanish?

Yes. All or our product manuals are provided in English and Spanish. In addition, some product packaging includes Spanish language instructions. All of our instruction manuals are available on line with the specific product.

Are your products FM approved?

OMG offers the widest range of fastening solutions in the roofing industry.  For information on all of our approvals, please visit the FM Approval website.  If you have further questions, please call 1-800-633 3800 or email info@olyfast.com and someone will be happy to help you.

Do your products qualify for LEED credit?

Yes. Please click here to review how OMG can help with LEED credits.

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