OMG PCPreserver™

Long Term Storage for PaceCart®

OMG PCPreserver is a non-hazardous long-term storage product for use with PaceCart2 dispensing equipment.  It is used to flush OlyBond500® adhesive residue from PaceCarts as well as keep pumps, hoses, and the gun assembly sufficiently lubricated during periods of extended storage.

OMG PCPreserver is a non-hazardous option for prepping a PaceCart for storage.  It is safer to use, better for the environment, and easier to dispose of than harsh solvents or hazardous materials. 

PATENT NOTICE: The OMG PaceCart®  dispensing cart and the Bag-in-Box OlyBond500®  Part 1/Part 2 adhesive system, including the adhesive dispensing method, are covered by one or more of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,220,526; 8,113,385; 8,132,693; 8,167,170 and 8,474,658.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to handle 1 gallon (3.78 L) containers.
  • Snap-in-place spout for easy connection to the PaceCart.
  • Non-hazardous formulation is better for the environment.
  • Very low VOC (<1g/L).


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PCPreserver can be used on both Part 1 & Part 2 sides of the PaceCart.  Pump the PCPreserver through the PaceCart pumps, hoses, and gun, and then leave the box in place and connected to the PaceCart until the unit is taken out of storage.  Two gallons (7.57L) (1 per side) is sufficient to completely flush one PaceCart and prep it for storage.  See box labels for details.

Ordering Information

SKUProduct DescriptionPackagingWeight (lbs.)
OB500LTS-1GAL PCPreserver Long Term Storage Product for PaceCart 1 Each 7

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