OlyBond Classic

Most Trusted Name in Insulation Adhesive

OlyBond is a dual component polyurethane adhesive that can be applied with traditional spray foam equipment. OlyBond is used to fully adhere a variety of board stocks to most roof substrates in both new and re-roof applications. It can also be used to fully adhere insulation board to insulation board.


Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with many roof decks, substrates, and cover boards. For a complete list, download 3 Part Specification.
  • OlyBond is sold in 55 gallon drums.
  • 15 gallon drums are available with a two-week lead time from date of order.
  • Factory Mutual and Dade County approved.


For 3-Part Specifications, click here.

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OlyBond rises 1/8-in. to 1/4-in. above the substrate and board stock is placed into the adhesive. The chemical cure takes place in approximately 10-15 minutes after spraying, depending on temperature and weather conditions. 

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