OlyBond500® Insulation Adhesives

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Fast-Acting Adhesive for Securing Insulation

OlyBond500 Insulation Adhesive is a fast-acting, two-component, low-rise polyurethane foam adhesive designed to secure insulation to roof decks. With over a billion square feet installed, OlyBond500 is the most trusted name in roof insulation adhesives. OlyBond500 is available in four convenient options: 1,500 ml SpotShot cartridges, 10 gallon Bag-in-Box sets (5 gallons per side) and 30 gallon drum sets (15 gallons per side, using the PaceCart Conversion Kit) for larger projects, as well as OlyBond500 Canisters. OlyBond500 is dispensed through a portable 1:1 applicator, does not create any odors or noise that might disturb building occupants, and is the ideal insulation adhesive for any new or re-roofing project.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in Regular formulation (Drums, Bag-in-Box, SpotShot cartridges and OlyBond Canisters) and in Winter Grade (SpotShot cartridges only) for optimum application at various temperatures. See product data sheet for more details.
  • Odor-free, which is excellent for sensitive areas such as schools, office buildings and hospitals.
  • Rapid application.
  • Chemical cure results in quick set-up time.
  • Extremely high wind uplift ratings.
  • Easy to ship; non hazardous.
  • Compatible with many roof decks, substrates, and cover boards.

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OlyBond500 is dispensed in a semi-liquid bead that spreads to several inches before rising 3/4- to 1-inch above the substrate. The board stock is placed into the adhesive and walked into place. A chemical cure takes place in approximately 4 to 8 minutes after application, depending on weather conditions.  The adhesive is red in color.

Contact the roofing system manufacturer for application details and approvals.

Ordering Information

SKUDescriptionWeight (lbs.)
OB500SS-R OlyBond500 SpotShot 1,500 ml Cartridge Set 19
OB500SS-W65 OlyBond500 SpotShot 1,500 ml Cartridge Set Winter Formulation 19
OB5001-BAG OlyBond500 Bag-in-Box 5 Gallons (Part 1) 53
OB5002-BAG OlyBond500 Bag-in-Box 5 Gallons (Part 2) 43
OB500-15A OlyBond500 15 Gallons (Part 1) 160
OB500-15B OlyBond500 15 Gallons (Part 2) 135
OBPC15KIT PaceCart Conversion Kit 123
OB5001-TANK OlyBond500 Canister (Part 1) 48
OB5002-TANK OlyBond500 Canister (Part 2) 38


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