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It’s amazing what some bright, cheerful colors can do for a building. When TMP Architects of Michigan was asked to update and brighten up Lincoln Elementary School in Michigan’s Wayne-Westland school district, color was one of the first things that came to mind. The old World-War-II vintage building was drab and unadorned; its aging blocks painted black. So TMP proposed a new exterior façade with masonry walls, and they used two bright custom colors of edge metal from OMG EdgeSystems to complete the job.

TMP’s Jon Riebe was project manager for this job. They selected bright red and yellow custom colors for the school’s new canopies and fascia.

“We wanted to give Lincoln Elementary it’s own identity and add some punch, and we thought that these bright, primary colors were appropriate for an elementary school. The new exterior has really rejuvenated the building and helped it to come alive. More people want to come here now because it’s more inviting, and people love it!” explained Riebe.

The double sloped PermaSnap Coping, created in custom “Boticelli Red”, brightens up the entry. The cheerful red coping is a nice contrast to more than 200 linear feet of custom “Memphis Yellow PermaSnap Coping directly under the red entry arch and surrounding entrance area.

OMG’s sales representative worked closely with TMP to make sure all the colors were correct and installed properly. The red metal pieces compliment the masonry and the accent yellow metal matches the windows.

According to Riebe, TMP listed OMG EdgeSystems products in their base spec due to their reputation, good products, and delivery times. “They also have some special snap on fascia systems that we like to use, and they created some vertical metal fascia pieces to match.”

In total OMG EdgeSystems provided 1530 linear feet of special fascia extender in “Bone White” in four extra horizontal layers, which helped widen vertical coverage for one roof edge. The special fascia matched the downspout color and EconoSnap Fascia holding the roof membrane down, and added visual interest.

The gutter and fascia installation was the largest part of C. Davis Roofing’s contract, explained Dave Godeck, the roofing subcontractor.

"Generally we like to make our own fascia, but when TMP specified this, they called for a very thick, rigid material designed to fit the building. The OMG EdgeSystems products were made to fit, and that sure made installation a lot easier. We chose OMG because they use top grade finishes and materials, and because the sales rep is so good. He comes in, evaluates the situation, and gives us his word; then he gets it done. We trust him," continued Godeck.

Godeck agreed that the colors selected are very bright, and noted, “It’s really different, and a definite change for the neighborhood!”

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