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The OMG EdgeSystems has developed one of the best engineering departments in the industry when it comes to roof edge metal systems. Stronger roof edge standards, such as the ANSI/SPRI/ES-1/FM4435 standard, are now required by the International Building Code and specifiers are calling for edge systems that they know will withstand the wind loads required to help keep the roof securely on the building. The engineering department for OMG EdgeSystems was put to the test with the design of Las Vegas’ newest addition, the M Resort Spa Casino.

The unique design of the billion dollar project called for a coping cap system in Pre-Weathered Anthra Zinc, a 100-year material. This project was a high profile, complex job that needed meticulous detailing. Engineered custom details and shop drawings were produced in very specific detail along with an extensive manufacturing breakdown to ensure that the coping system was designed, manufactured, and installed flawlessly. In one area, the wall width of the coping spanned 52 inches. Because of this unusually large coping cap size and the nature of the zinc material, OMG EdgeSystems engineers determined that the cap would stretch, relax, and subsequently disengage from a standard cleat.

OMG EdgeSystems enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a way to solve this problem. The engineering team designed a custom front spring that provided a solution that would meet the ANSI/SPRI/ES-1/ FM4435 standard. OMG has pull test apparatus at its facility in Asheville, NC that allows the designers to make adjustments to product designs for optimal performance. The RE-3 pull test required for coping in the ANSI/SPRI/ES-1/FM4435 standard was performed in house and the custom designed cleat performed extremely well.

Ron Cole of Elite Architectural Products was the independent sales representative for the project. He made numerous field checks on the project to ensure that everything was moving smoothly on site and worked closely with all the parties involved from start to completion. Ron’s diligence and his attention to detail paid off with a beautiful roof edge that will perform over time.

Tom Richardson of Marnell Corrao Associates was the project Manager for the immense job and said, “Ron was a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful from the start. He knew exactly what product to recommend and saw the whole process through. When I had questions, he had answers. He checked in with OMG and kept us aware of when drawings were ready and when material delivery was scheduled.”

He also said that the engineering drawings were very professional and clear to understand. The products were of very high quality and are an instrumental part of the building. "We will definitely work with them and Elite Architectural Products again on future projects.”

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