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The Hyundai training facility in Montgomery, AL is a handsome building full of classrooms and conference rooms. The building includes lots of curves and serpentine walls and a large rotating sign in front. The coping required for finishing details was complex, and OMG EdgeSystems responded to the challenge with creative custom solutions.

John Lankford of Dunn Building was the project manager for this job. “This was a difficult flashing design. PermaSnap® Coping was specified by the architect, and they gave us a good price,” he stated. Jim Emack, Jr., of Emack Slate Company, is the independent sales representative.

“Dunn Building contacted us because they knew their metal wall panel supplier did not have the expertise to fabricate the complex design required by the architectural drawings. After looking at the drawings, I knew if anyone could pull this off, OMG could.

The first thing we did was submit colors to match the wall panels. Once the steel was up, we created templates and went through several revisions. We continued to tweak radiuses and templates and then proceeded with the work order.”

The Company topped off a serpentine radius wall with 600 linear feet of PermaSnap® Coping, and used 310 linear feet of custom formed coping to complete the serpentine radius vault for a sign and other custom applications. All materials were .063" aluminum in a custom white color.

The coping around the sign in front required special thought to complete. It curves in two directions— the wall is curved and the sign cut out in the wall is also a radius. Due to its complexity, a complete template was not practical. Bryan Duvall, customer service representative explained the process.

“We had to take the top of the wall template and the elevation template of the “C” and align those from a starting point. We then shot those points to get pieces and forma grid. This was done with a 3-D model,” he said.

Hyundai provided support by giving a template of the sign to the Company—an inside inverted arched radius—to help assure the angle was correct for the custom formed coping.

Their local sales manager, helped with field templates and the sign flashing design. The project was very complicated and there are only a few manufacturers that could lend field support to complete the job. OMG traced the entire serpentine wall, and helped create other templates needed to complete the project.

During the course of the project, the company received additional work to provide base trim and counter flashing for serpentine window trim.

“Once we got the details worked out, the job installed quickly and all the pieces fit. The factory employees who manufactured this did a great job, and the client got a great value,” said Emack.

“Their overall performance was good, and so is their quality. This was a tough design; walls were going in different directions that required a unique flashing system. I would definitely recommend them, and our client is pleased with the results. In fact, they are pricing another job for us now,” commented Dunn Building’s Lankford.

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