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The Outer Banks Hospital, built in 2001, sits less than 300 yards from oceanfront in Nags Head, NC. This handsome structure was built to offer island residents and visitors healthcare services formerly only available across the sound. The hospital was built to last. With its location so close to the Atlantic Ocean, the architect demanded that it be built to withstand severe weather. Preventing damage from wind and water were serious factors in the design, and the hospital includes strong exterior cladding, storm shutters on every window, and concrete framing under the entry canopy.

The architect had specified that the roofing system meet FM 1-180 requirements with a 20-year warranty, and PermaSnap Coping from OMG EdgeSystems was selected for the roof edge, due to its quality and ability to withstand winds up to 155 mph. The materials used for this project included .050" PermaSnap Coping and .050" SafeGuard® Fascia for the canopy. OMG also provided field service assistance to help create templates for the materials.

Glen Cherry of Norfolk, VA was the roofing contractor for the project. "The Outer Banks Hospital was designed to withstand winds in excess of 100 mph. With these strict requirements we needed to find a manufacturer that would work with us in all phases of the project, from design, measurement, and installation. OMG EdgeSystems was very interested in the project and we trusted their ability to meet the needed requirements,” he stated.

Fast forward to September 18, 2003. For a full day, Nags Head endured the fury of Hurricane Isabel. This storm packed sustained 110 mph winds with gusts up to 130 mph. Damage to property on the island was severe. More than 40 homes were blown down or washed away in the storm. The Currituck Sound behind the hospital was sucked dry by high winds. Huge quantities of sand were scoured from the beach and dumped inland on roads and fields. The area was in major disaster mode, without power, telephones, or water.

On Cape Hatteras, Hurricane Isabel’s fury created a new 17,000- foot wide tidal inlet, cutting Highway 12 into pieces along the way. Insurance companies estimated damage to the area at about $1 billion. Roofing contractors in Virginia, another area hard hit by the storm, said high winds caused coping to come off some commercial roofs.

The edge system is the roof’s first line of defense against wind and water. Amazingly, the The Outer Banks Hospital withstood Isabel’s wrath with virtually no damage. In particular, the PermaSnap Coping stood firm.

Don Schultz, their company sales manager for the Capital Sales District, traveled to The Outer Banks Hospital a couple of weeks after the storm, once roads were opened and power was restored. He went up on the roof of the hospital to inspect the coping. “Our PermaSnap Coping stood like a rock,” he said “It performed beautifully, not one piece, not one miter, nothing let loose." Schultz observed one small area where wind had ripped the siding off the building. In conversations with the hospital’s director of facility services, he learned that personnel had to rush out to secure hurricane shutters that were popping loose from their anchor posts.

OMG EdgeSystems manufactures quality products designed to meet high standards. Our products meet or exceed wind resistance standards required by the International Building Code and the North Carolina building codes. Hurricane Isabel put our products on the line, and our coping met the challenge. PermaSnap Coping, which carries a Category 5 windstorm warranty, was selected for the roof edge, due to its ability to withstand winds up to 155 mph.

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