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RhinoBond is an advanced installation method for installing single-ply roof systems (i.e. TPO, PVC and clean EPDM). The system uses up to 50% fewer fasteners and plates than in traditional mechani-cally attached systems, up to 30% fewer seams, and zero penetrations of the new membrane. Above all, RhinoBond is approved by most roof system manu-facturers and meets CE requirements.

Since it was introduced, the System has been gaining traction througout Europe, as roofers, distributors and building owners alike have started to see the benefits that the RhinoBond System has to offer. Recently, RhinoBond left some impressive tracks in Spain. Etanco S.A.U., OMG Roofing’s distribution partner for the Iberian Peninsula had the opportunity to introduce the induction welding system to Firestone in Spain, and discuss the many benefits that RhinoBond has to offer. Given Firestone’s approval for this system, one project in particular that was discussed in detail for RhinoBond consideration was the Saltoki warehouse project outside of Barcelona. The roof was to be installed by JCM Impermeabilizaciones a roofing contractor based in Barcelona.

From the beginning, the expectations for the 25.000 m2 (269,000 sq. ft.) Firestone UltraPly TPO roof on the Saltoki project were demanding. Firestone Spain and Etanco S.A.U. understood the importance of working together up-front to make the project a success. As part of this work, Firestone provided a roof calculation for the project that showed the benefits of the RhinoBond System.

For further support, Etanco conducted a job-start training session to review the best RhinoBond practices to help ensure that the project would be a success. In addition, Etanco was also able to demonstrate the benefits that OMG’s RhinoTrac System would provide on the project.

RhinoTrac is an ergonomic stand-up installation tool for installing roofing fasteners and RhinoBond Plates. The system can help contractors to install a quality system by ensuring that the fastener is installed perpendicular to the roof deck and to the proper depth each time, without fear of over or under-driving the plates.

In the end, both the RhinoBond and RhinoTrac Systems were used for the Saltoki project. In total, more than 65,000 RhinoBond Plates were installed on the project by a crew of six over a three week timeframe. The installation was highly successful, and met all of the owner’s demands and expectations. To date, OMG Roofing Products has completed over 70 RhinoBond projects throughout Europe, accounting for more than 300,000 square meters of membrane.

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