OMG Pick Six

OMG Pick Six is a fun and exciting game where participants can earn weekly prizes of up to $100, and the season winner will earn $3,000! Put your football knowledge to the test as you pick six NFL games each week and get points for your winners. It costs nothing to play and OMG's contractors, distributors, partners and friends in the industry are eligible to play and win prizes.  Simply register by clicking on the button below, then enjoy the season and have fun.


  • Pick Six is a pick ‘em style league where participants select the winners of NFL games.
  • Each week, players select winners from 6 games and earn points for the correct picks.
  • Those points earned will contribute towards weekly and end-of-season prizes. 
  • Earn additional bonus points by answering short questions about new OMG products.
  • The event runs for the entire NFL season (Weeks 1 to 17).
  • Sign up is free and can be done at any point during the season!
  • Click here for full Terms & Conditions.


Weekly Prizes:End-of-Season Grand Prizes:
1st $100 1st $3000
2nd $50 2nd $1500
3rd $25 3rd $750

Week 11 Top Matchups:

Week 10 Winners:

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