Height Adjustable Strut Model Safety Yellow OMG PipeGuard®

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Safety Yellow PipeGuards are made of HDPE and compatible with all roofing materials including PVC. The 10-inch wide base won't damage roof covers and provides strength and stability for achieving superior load capacity. In addition, each unit includes a low profile 1 5/8-inch wide galvanized strut channel for supporting single or multiple pipes. Height adjustable models include a second channel on adjustable risers which can be set from 4- to 10-inches.  An optional ABS roller will accommodate 4-in. and smaller pipes and allows for horizontal movement due to thermal expansion and contraction. Strut clamps are sold separately through plumbing and electrical wholesalers.

Features & Benefits

  • Safety Yellow identifies potentially dangerous rooftop trip hazards.
  • Made from 100% recycled HDPE and fully compatible with all commercial roof materials including PVC.
  • Adjustable from 4-10-inches; Roller models adjust from 5.5- to 11-inches.
  • The wall thickness and wide base offers unmatched strength and stability for superior load capacity.
  • Supports steel, PVC pipe, copper tubing, solar, electric and HVAC conduit and more.
  • Custom options available to address non-standard heights and widths.
  • Eliminates need and labor for wrapping wood blocks.
  • Optional Safety Yellow Model comes with an ABS roller to accommodate pipes up to 4-in. in diameter and allows for easy movement due to thermal expansion and contraction.


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Due to the wide range of materials used in commercial roofing systems, always consult with a design professional for the project to review and design the rooftop pipe support system based on the actual load limitations of the specific roof assembly. As with all building materials it is the responsibility of the installer to review product use with a design professional to confirm safety, compatibility and acceptance with the roof cover manufacturer as well as local building codes. The Roller option is designed for expansion and contraction of gas lines and other pipes, 4” outside diameter or less.

Ordering Information

SKUMax. Pipe Size (in.)Height (in.)Width (in.)Max Load (lbs.)Qty per BoxWeight (lbs.)
PGSTPE10X10HA-YW 6 4 to 10 10 1000 5 21
PGSTPE10X10HAR-YW 4 5 1/2 to 11 10 180 5 21


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