AccuSeam® Tool

Attachment System for Roof Membrane

The stand-up OMG AccuSeam System mechanically attaches PVC & TPO systems. It provides the lowest installed cost for mechanical attachment.  In one step, the lap plate is placed in position by the AccuSeam tool as the laborer drives the fastener, eliminating the need for one laborer (where normally two would be required), thereby increasing productivity.  This simple and easy-to-operate tool minimizes operator fatigue as it eliminates the constant bending-over method of fastening.

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic design minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Easy adjustment prevents over- and under-driving of fasteners for proper installation.
  • Anti-jam design minimizes downtime and project disruption.
  • Integral "measuring tail" allows for accurate fastener spacing.
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For use with OMG manufactured fasteners up to 6-in. in length including #14 heavy duty fasteners, #15 fasteners and pre-stacked 2 3/8-in. EyeHook plates for lap seam attachment of PVC & TPO systems to steel and wood decks. Attempting to use anything else will damage the tool.

Ordering Information

AccuSeam Boots Now Sold Separately

For greater functionality, AccuSeam and AccuTrac boots are interchangeable. Use the AccuTrac boot to install the insulation then simply switch to the AccuSeam boot for the membrane attachment. It’s fast and easy. Call (800) 633-3800 to order.

SKUProduct DescriptionPackagingLength (in.)Weight (lbs.)
ACCUSEAM-TOOL AccuSeam Tool Each 43 44
ACCUSEAM-BOOT AccuSeam Boot Each N/A 30

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