OlyBond500® 15 Gallon PaceCart Conversion Kit

New 15 Gallon Conversion Kit Triples the Dispensing Capacity of an OMG PaceCart

The OMG PaceCart is designed with productivity in mind, and the new 15 Gallon Conversion Kit effectively triples the dispensing capacity of PaceCarts for even greater rooftop productivity.  The 15 Gallon PaceCart Conversion kit is easy to install, designed to fit on PaceCart 2B and PaceCart 3 equipment, and provides contractors with a more economical option than purchasing new equipment or other retro kits on the market.  

Once installed on a PaceCart, the Conversion Kit is easy to operate and enables contractors to dispense more OlyBond500 Adhesive without having to re-load the cart.

Some Assembly Required

The Conversion Kit comes assembled but must be attached and secured to the PaceCart. Assembly to the PaceCart typically takes one person less than 15 minutes and is completed using an Allen-wrench (provided) and a screw gun with 5/16-in. bit (bit also provided). Once the Conversion Kit is installed, contractors can continue to apply OlyBond Adhesives from the five gallon bag-in-box sets.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install and compatible with PaceCart 2B and PaceCart 3 equipment.
  • Typical installation takes less than 15 minutes by one person!
  • Provides contractors with a more economical option than purchasing other new equipment or retro-kits.
  • Once installed, contractors still have the option of dispensing with 5 gallon Bag-in-Box sets for maximum flexibility on the roof.
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OlyBond500 is dispensed in a semi-liquid bead that spreads to several inches before rising ¾-in. to 1-in. above the substrate. The board stock is placed into the adhesive and walked into place. A chemical cure takes place in approximately 4- to 8-minutes after application, depending on the weather conditions.

Contact the roof system manufacturer for installation requirements and details.

Ordering Information

SKUProduct DescriptionWeight (lbs.)
OBPC15KIT PaceCart Conversion Kit 123
OB500-15A OlyBond500 15 Gallons (Part 1) 160
OB500-15B OlyBond500 15 Gallons (Part 2) 160

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