RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool

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Finding RhinoBond Plates Has Never Been Easier!

The RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool is designed to help roofing contractors quickly locate and mark RhinoBond Plates installed under thermoplastic roofing membrane. Just roll the tool over a row of installed RhinoBond Plates, and the tool does the rest, leaving a temporary mark on the surface of the membrane wherever a properly installed RhinoBond Plate is located. It’s fast and simple and designed to enhance RhinoBond installation productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • The RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool is lightweight, portable, simple-to-use and ergonomically designed.
  • Powerful rare-earth magnets accurately locate installed RhinoBond Plates beneath the membrane.
  • RhinoBond Plate Marking tools are made of heavy duty cast aluminum for maximum durability.
  • The tool uses common blue construction crayons to leave a temporary mark on the surface of the membrane, which disappears within a few weeks. 20 extra marking crayons (five re-loads) are included with every tool.
  • The tool is compatible with all thermoplastic roofing membranes regardless of type or thickness.
  • The tool is designed with a reversible, lay-flat, handle for easy maneuverability on the rooftop.
  • The system includes two magnetic sweeper bars designed to pick up metal debris on the roof.
  • The tool comes in a durable storage case for easy transit and protection while in storage.

RhinoBond reference material can be found on RhinoBondResources.com

For 3-Part Specifications click here.

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Locate the first installed RhinoBond Plate in a straight row. Position the RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool so that it straddles the installed plate. Walk at a normal pace pushing the tool forward while keeping it over the row of installed plates. Each time it passes over a properly installed plate, the tool leaves a temporary mark on the surface of the membrane identifying the plate’s location. For best results, ensure that the RhinoBond Plates are installed correctly. Over-driven plates may not mark properly. Marks on the membrane are temporary and will disappear in a few weeks.


Ordering Information

RB-PlateMarker RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool Each 25 lbs.
RBCrayon-20PK 20 Pack of Replacement Marking Crayons 20 Pack 2 lbs.

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