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AccuTrac EZ

In one step, the stand-up AccuTrac EZ places the insulation plate while the fastener is driven into the deck, perpendicular and to the right depth! Reduce labor and improve rooftop productivity with the newly redesigned AccuTrac EZ!

Do more with less labor using the all-new AccuTrac EZ stand-up tool. Install insulation on steel or wood roof decks with 3-in. square AccuTrac plates and certain OMG fasteners, up to 8-inches in length. AccuTrac EZ is ergonomically correct and can minimize operator fatigue by eliminating bending and twisting on the job.

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  • AccuTrac for Insulation Attachment Play
  • AccuTrac Tool Maintenance Play

Features & Benefits

  • New tool features include a ‘can’t miss’ wide mouth feeder tube to help speed fastener loading, highly visible ‘screw-in-chamber’ indicators to help contractors avoid loading two fasteners at the same time, and easier to compress plate shuffle links to minimize fatigue.
  • The depth adjustment ring eliminates fastener over- and under-driving while providing consistent vertical alignment to ensure maximum thread engagement and pullout performance.
  • AccuTrac EZ can help increase installation productivity by up to 50%.
  • Holds a full stack of 125 AccuTrac plates to reduce reloading time.
  • For all-day comfort, the plate shuttle link mechanism has been redesigned to operate with less force which can help improve productivity rates since operators are expending less energy to install each fastener and plate.
  • The upper drive assembly can be quickly detached from either the AccuTrac EZ or the RhinoTrac EZ boot and connected to the other, so contractors do not have to invest in two complete tools to gain the advantage of having both. Interchangeable boots are sold separately.
  • The AccuTrac EZ is highly versatile, can be used on all insulation types including hard-boards such as DensDeck® and Securerock®. The tool works with several OMG fasteners including #12 Standard RoofGrip Fasteners, #14 Heavy Duty Fasteners, and #15 Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) Fasteners.

Product Use

AccuTrac EZ is a stand-up insulation attachment tool for installing square AccuTrac insulation plates. For best performance, AccuTrac Plates should be snug to the insulation board but not overdriven. With the tool’s simple depth setting control, fasteners can be driven consistently to the proper depth, preventing over or under-driven fasteners. AccuTrac’s rigid caster wheels make moving in a straight line effortless to help with maximum production.

Compare the Labor Steps

The chart below shows the possible productivity gains compared to the labor steps and time to install loose plates and screws or pre-assembled fasteners.

Method Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Loose Screws & Plates Place Board Place Plate Place Screw Drive Screw
Assembled Screws & Plates Place Board Place ASAP Drive ASAP
AccuTrac EZ or RhinoTrac EZ Place Board Install Screw and Plate with Tool

Packaging Info

The AccuTrac EZ system is approved by, and available through, most roofing system manufacturers as well as through our extensive distribution network.

Cat. No.Product DescriptionPackaging QuantityLength (in)Weight (lbs)
ATTOOL-EZAccuTrac EZ ToolEach4335
ATBOOT-EZAccuTrac EZ Tool BootEachN/A30
RTTOOL-EZRhinoTrac EZ ToolEach4335
RTBOOT-EZRhinoTrac EZ Tool BootEachN/A30
BKT6862904AccuTrac Plates, 3 x 31000/bucket43