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Lite-Deck Fastener

The OMG Lite-Deck Fastener is designed to secure insulation to gypsum, cementitious wood fiber decks (Perma-deck, Insulrock, Tectum®, etc.) and lightweight structural concrete*. Lite-Deck Fasteners are available in lengths from 2 5/8-in. to 12-in, and is used exclusively with the OMG Lite-Deck Plate.

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MDC Approved
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Deep, coarse thread provides high pullout resistance.
  • Can be installed into cementitious wood without predrilling.
  • 6 Lobe (T40) drive enhances installation and minimizes cam-outs.
  • 3-in. round Lite-Deck Plates provide even distribution of loads and eliminates sharp corners that can damage insulation or roof covers.
Product Use

Product Use

Prior to job bid, contact OMG to perform a pullout test to determine the pullout values. 

The OMG Lite-Deck Fastener can be installed into cementitious wood fiber decks without predrilling. A pilot hole is required for gypsum, and hole size is determined by pullout results. The OMG Lite-Deck Fastener must penetrate the deck a minimum of 2-in.
Avoid overdriving the fastener and causing subsequent damage to the insulation facer.  Fastener must be tight enough so that the plate doesn't turn.

*Lite-Deck Fasteners can be used in lightweight structural concrete but are not designed for use in lightweight insulating concrete decks.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Thread Diameter: .375-in. (9.53 mm)
Head Diameter: .710-in. (18 mm)
Shank Diameter 2: .312-in. (7.92 mm)
Head Style: 6 Lobe (T40) Drive Flat

Coating: OMG CR-10 corrosion resistant coating passes the corrosion requirements of FM Approval Standard 4470 and EAD 030351-00-0402.
Plate Material: Galvalume coated steel

Packaging Info

Packaging Info


Cat. No. Fastener Length (in) Packaging Quantity Weight (lbs)
TFSL258 2 5/8 500 32
TFSL3 3 500 36
TFSL4 4 500 47
TFSL5 5 250 30
TFSL6 6 250 36
TFSL7 7 250 41
TFSL8 8 250 46
TFSL9 9 125 26
TFSL10 10 125 29
TFSL12 12 125 34


Cat. No. Packaging Quantity Weight (lbs)
TCP03 500 19