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The Right Fastening Tools Make all the Difference

The new AccuTrac EZ family of stand-up insulation fastening tools offers a more productive and healthier alternative for installing roofing fasteners. 

AccuTrac EZ is designed for insulation attachment and RhinoTrac EZ is for installing RhinoBond Plates. In one motion, the tool aligns the plate as the operator drives the fastener, doing the work of two and saving valuable time and resources. Since each fastener is properly aligned perpendicular to the surface of the roof, Accu-Tools help to ensure you get a maximum thread engagement, pullout resistance, and a better overall installation. 

Do more with the all new AccuTrac EZ! In one step, the stand-up AccuTrac EZ places the insulation plate while the fastener is driven into the deck, perpendicular and to the right depth! Reduce labor and improve rooftop productivity with the all newly redesigned AccuTrac EZ!

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Installing RhinoBond Plates has never been easier than with the newly redesigned RhinoTrac EZ! Install RhinoBond Plates and fasteners in one swift step—perpendicular to the deck and to the right depth! Reduce labor and improve rooftop productivity with the all new RhinoTrac EZ!

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Compare the Labor Steps

AccuTrac EZ and RhinoTrac EZ can help you get ahead of schedule, allowing you to redistribute job-site labor to handle time-consuming detail work or other tasks. 

Method Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Loose Screws and Plates Place Board Place Plate Place Screw Drive Screw
Assembled Screws and Plates Place Board Place ASAP Drive ASAP  
AccuTrac EZ or RhinoTrac EZ Place Board Install Screw and Plate with Tool