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Now 2x faster and more reliable, the patented PaceCart3™ is designed exclusively for dispensing OlyBond500 insulation adhesives.  Highly durable and constructed with roofing contractors in mind, PaceCart3s are easy to operate & store and are capable of dispensing enough OlyBond500 to apply up to 120 squares of insulation per hour.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Robust adhesive pumps designed for use with high viscosity liquids.
  • Color coded trays minimize the chance cross contaminating Part 1 and Part 2 dispensing lines.
  • Easy-to-read volt meter lets contractors know if the incoming power is insufficient to operate the PaceCart3.
  • Patented dispensing system and Bag-in-Box technology are designed to work together to maximize production.
Product Use

Product Use

OlyBond500 insulation adhesives are dispensed through the patented PaceCart3 in 12 in. on center bands. OlyBond500 rises 3/4 in. to 1 in. above the substrate and then the board stock is placed into the adhesive and walked into place. The chemical cure takes place in approximately 10-15 minutes after dispensing, depending on temperature and weather conditions. OlyBond500 is FM and Miami-Dade County Approved.

For long-term storage, OMG PCPreservers can be used with PaceCart dispensing equipment. The non-hazardous PCPreserver is used to flush OlyBond500 adhesive residue from PaceCarts as well as keeping pumps, hoses and the gun assembly sufficiently lubricated during periods of extended storage.

PATENT NOTICE: The OMG PaceCart 3™ dispensing cart and the Bag-in-Box OlyBond500® Part 1/Part 2 adhesive system, including the adhesive dispensing method, are covered by one or more of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,220,526; 8,113,385; 8,132,693; 8,167,170; 8,342,372 and 8,474,658; and Canadian Patent No. 2,591,502. U.S. and Canadian Patents Pending.

Packaging Information

Packaging Information


Cat. No. Product Description Packaging Quantity Weight (lbs)
OB500PCART3 PaceCart 3 Each 150
OB500MIXTIP-20L Static Mix Tips for PaceCarts 20 Each 2
OBPC-VEEGUN Manifold and Gun Assembly Each 5
OB500LTS-1GAL PCPreserver Long Term Storage Product for PaceCart 1 Each 7
OBPC15KIT PaceCart 3 15 Gallon Conversion Kit 1 Each 123


Cat. No. Product Description Packaging Weight (lbs)
OB5001-BAG OlyBond500 Part 1 5 Gal. Bag-in-Box 53
OB5002-RBAG OlyBond500 Part 2 5 Gal. Bag-in-Box 43
OB5001-WBAG OlyBond500 Winter Grade (Part 1) 5 Gal. Bag-in-Box 53
OB5002-WBAG OlyBond500 Winter Grade (Part 2) 5 Gal. Bag-in-Box 43
OB500-15A OlyBond500 (Part 1) 15 Gallon Drums 160
OB500-15B OlyBond500 (Part 2) 15 Gallon Drums 135
OB500W-15A OlyBond500 Winter Grade (Part 1) 15 Gallon Drums 160
OB500W-15B OlyBond500 Winter Grade (Part 2) 15 Gallon Drums 135