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Height Adjustable & Strut Model PipeGuards

OMG PipeGuard units are available for single pipes as well as in strut model configurations.  Strut models are available in 6- and 10-inch lengths to support pipes and tubes from ½- to 5-inches in diameter at a height of 4-inches off the roof surface.  All strut models come with a standard 1 5/8-in. galvanized strut channel to support single or multiple pipes 6-in. strut models are made of heavy duty EDPM rubber.  Safety yellow 10-in. models are made of durable HDPE.  Both are available with height adjustable configurations to support pipe and conduit from 4-in. to 10-in. off the roof deck.  Roller models adjust from 5.5- to 11-inches.

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Product Use

Product Use

The one-piece OMG PipeGuard makes the application fast and simple. Attach the strut clamps (sold separately) and secure pipes or conduit in place, leaving room for pipe expansion and contraction.

Due to the wide range of materials used in commercial roofing systems, always consult with a design professional for the project to review and design the rooftop pipe support system based on the actual load limitations of the specific roof assembly. As with all building materials it is the responsibility of the installer to review product use with a design professional to confirm safety, compatibility and acceptance with the roof cover manufacturer as well as local building codes.

Packaging Info

Packaging Info

Cat. No. Model Max. Pipe Size (in) Height (in) Length (in) Max Load (lbs)
PGSTRUT6-BK Strut 5 4 6 800
PGSTPE10-YW Strut Safety Yellow 6 3 1/2 10 1000
PGSTPE10X10HA-YW Height Adj Safety Yellow 4 5 1/2 - 11 10 180
PGSTRUT10X10HA-BK Height Adj Strut 6 4 - 10 10 160
PGSTPE10X10HA-YW Height Adj Strut Safety Yellow 4 5 1/2 - 11 10 180
PGSTPE10X10HAR-YW Height Adj Roller Safety Yellow 6 4 - 10 10 180

Cat. No. Model Qty. per Box Weight (lbs)
PGSTRUT6-BK Strut 10 25
PGSTPE10-YW Strut Safety Yellow 10 26
PGSTPE10X10HAR-YW Height Adj Safety Yellow 5 21
PGSTRUT10X10HA-BK Height Adj Strut 5 46
PGSTPE10X10HA-YW Height Adj Strut Safety Yellow 5 21
PGSTPE10X10HAR-YW Height Adj Roller Safety Yellow 5 21
Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

PipeGuard Sizing Chart