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RhinoBond® Hand Welder

This lightweight, portable induction welder is designed to bond RhinoBond plates to TPO and PVC membranes in hard-to-reach areas such as under rooftop equipment and on vertical surfaces.

The stand-alone RhinoBond Hand Welder is ergonomically designed and features a vibrating handle and indicator lights to let users know when the tool is activated and when the weld cycle is complete. The base features a recessed centering design to help users properly align the tool over RhinoBond Plates for optimum bonding.

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Features & Benefits

  • Service/Repair
    Faster and easier, with a compact and lightweight tool.
  • One Job, One System
    Eliminates switching materials. Weld vertical surfaces instead of adhering.
  • Detail Work
    Hard-to-reach tight spaces. Flashing, HVAC, odd corners and angles.

Product Use

The RhinoBond Hand Welder is a stand-alone unit designed for exclusive use with OMG manufactured RhinoBond Plates. RhinoBond Hand Welders operate on 110V and 220V power sources, with 12 gauge (min.), 100-ft. (max.) extension cords. Please refer to the RhinoBond Hand Welder Owner’s Manual for additional information and details.

IMPORTANT TIP: Whenever the ambient temperature changes up or down by 15°F or more (8°C or more), recalibrate the RhinoBond tool.

Packaging Info

Cat. No.DescriptionWeight (lbs)International Compatibility
RB-HandWelderRhinoBond HandHeld Tool6
RBM003A-10pkRhinoBond 10 Pack Mini Magnet Set40
RBPLUGKIT-F16AType F Plug Kit0.5Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Greece
RBPLUGKIT-G13AType G Plug Kit0.5United Kingdom, Hong Kong
RBPLUGKIT-I10AType I (10A) Plug Kit0.5China
RBPLUGKIT-I15AType I (15A) Plug Kit0.5Australia, New Zealand
RBPLUGKIT-IEC60309Type IEC60309 Plug Kit0.5Ireland