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RhinoBond Hand Welder

This lightweight, portable induction welder is designed to bond RhinoBond plates to TPO and PVC membranes in hard to reach areas such as under rooftop equipment and on vertical surfaces. The stand-alone RhinoBond Hand Welder is ergonomically designed and features a vibrating handle and indicator lights to let users know when the tool is activated and when the weld cycle is complete. The base features a recessed centering design to help users properly align the tool over RhinoBond Plates for optimum bonding.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Service/Repair
    Faster and easier, with a compact and lightweight tool
  • One Job, One System
    Eliminates switching materials. Weld vertical surfaces instead of adhering
  • Detail Work
    Hard to reach tight spaces. Flashing, HVAC, odd corners and angles
Product Use

Product Use

The RhinoBond Hand Welder is a stand-alone unit designed for exclusive use with OMG manufactured RhinoBond Plates. RhinoBond Hand Welders operate on 110V and 220V power sources, with 12 gauge (min.), 100-ft. (max.) extension cords. Please refer to the RhinoBond Hand Welder Owner’s Manual for additional information and details.

IMPORTANT TIP: Whenever the ambient temperature changes up or down by 15°F or more (8°C or more), recalibrate the RhinoBond tool.

Packaging Info

Packaging Info

Cat. No. Description Weight (lbs) International Compatibility
RB-HandWelder RhinoBond HandHeld Tool 6
RBM003A-10pk RhinoBond 10 Pack Mini Magnet Set 40
RBPLUGKIT-F16A Type F Plug Kit 0.5 Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Greece
RBPLUGKIT-G13A Type G Plug Kit 0.5 United Kingdom, Hong Kong
RBPLUGKIT-I10A Type I (10A) Plug Kit 0.5 China
RBPLUGKIT-I15A Type I (15A) Plug Kit 0.5 Australia, New Zealand
RBPLUGKIT-IEC60309 Type IEC60309 Plug Kit 0.5 Ireland