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Specialty Drains

Regardless of your roofing situation, chances are OMG Roofing Products has a drain solution for you!

We offer a host of specialty drains for use in unique roofing applications, including Gutter Retro Drains for use in 9-inch wide box type gutters, Balcony Retro Drains for installation under paver systems or other areas with heavy foot traffic, and CaliCombo Retro Drains with Overflow, west coast-style combination drains with safety overflow.

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Product Use

All are constructed of aluminum and available in 3- and 4-inch sizes. All offer a patented U-Flow mechanical seal for a tight connection to the drain leader, and all can be installed from the rooftop without disturbing building occupants.

OlyFlow RetroDrains are designed to replace existing drains in re-roofing applications. Installed form the roof surface, OlyFlow RetroDrains are engineered to be installed without removing the existing plumbing or fixture and feature a mechanical seal for a watertight connection to PVC or cast iron drain leaders.

As with all building materials, it is the responsibility of the installer to review product use with a design professional to confirm safety, compatibility and acceptance with the roof cover manufacturer as well as with local building codes.

Technical Data

Drain Body:.080-inch thick aluminum
Seal:U-Flow mechanical seal requires 12.5-in. U-Flow Screwdriver with #2 Robertson square socket tip.
Flange:Various sizes depending on product.
Strainer Dome:Various sizes. Made of .063- to .125-in. thick aluminum.

Packaging Info

Gutter RetroDrains

Cat. No.Size (in)Packaging QuantityWeight (Dimensional)
GM33Each20 lbs.
GM44Each20 lbs.

Balcony RetroDrains

Cat. No.Size (in)Packaging QuantityWeight (Dimensional)
BDRM33Each20 lbs.
BDRM44Each20 lbs.

CaliCombo RetroDrains

Cat. No.Size (in)Packaging QuantityWeight (Dimensional)
CALIUF33Each27 lbs.
CALIUF44Each27 lbs.