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What's Under Your Solar Panels?

North American Clean Energy

Do you know what’s really under those roof-mounted solar PVs you just installed? You should. Not

fully understanding the commercial roofing system underneath the solar array can have a negative

impact on your customer, and leave you exposed to unwanted liability. Learning the fine points of a

roofing system will help minimize your risk, and keep your customers happy.

Going With the Flow

Professional Roofing

Installing the right drains will increase productivity and profits. Roof drainage has been discussed among roofing contractors for decades, and many contractors view it as part of a building's plumbing system. But the reality is roofing and plumbing contractors alike should be familiar with the processes and components needed to safely and effectively remove water from roofs. Upgrading or replacing roof drains also provides roofing contractors with an opportunity to increase their profits. The secret to doing this profitability is to find cost effective, efficient ways to address roof drainage systems.

Conventional Wisdom Goes Down the Drain

RCI Interface

OMG Roofing Products has introduced the SpeedTite Roof Drain, an exciting breakthrough in re-roof drain technology.No longer does it make sense to just “rework” roof drains when you can go from the box to watertight faster than reworking or any retrofit roof drain all without the use of any special tools! No other retrofit roof drain can do that. To top it off the OMG SpeedTite Roof Drain is designed to perform at specific Gallons per Minute (GPM) levels based on plumbing recommendations making it the choice for roof designers.

A Well-Protected Facility

Approved Product News

Installing retrofit roof drains can help you increase sales and add value to your jobs.

Delving Into Drains

OMG Roofing

Installing retrofit roof drains can help you increase sales and add value to your jobs.

Steep Slope Roofing, Independent Contractors, and more

Western Roofing

It’s the closest most crews get to nearly half-a-million square feet of roofing. Yet, with a little faith and a secret weapon, Colorado Moisture Control Inc. (CMC) conquered this Goliath-size project quickly and cost-effectively. CMC of Commerce City, Colo., nurtured the existing EPDM roof of the “333 Centennial” building in nearby Louisville for years. “Quoting a reroof had become a yearly exercise for us,” says Rich Cohen, president and operations manager of CMC. “The membrane had been serviceable, but was close to failure mode. This year, they decided to do it.”

Protecting the Envelope's Coatings

The Construction Specifier

During the past several years, there have been some extraordinary changes in the roofing industry, particularly as it pertains to single-ply materials.

Tools of the Trade

The Journal of RCI

Alternative Fastening System for Thermoplastic Roof Membranes

Use the Right Fastener

Roofing Contractor

In commercial construction, the right tool can make the difference between success and failure. The same is true in low-slope commercial roofing applications; the correct fastener can make the difference between a long-lasting installation or one that is plagued with constant problems and poor performance.

Tool Review

Western Roofing

Roofing is tough work, and virtually every roof worker's body takes a beating. In fact, according to labor statistics, work-related repetitive-stress injuries are most common among hard workers, such a roofers, who handle tools, materials, and equipment every day.

Superior productivity. Superior performance.